Oakbay Mole (Coast Line)

   The Oakbay "Mole" is a busy Union Passenger Terminal former located on a pier. Freight traffic is also heavy in Oakbays Harbor Yard and at industries along 19th Street.

Oakbay Mole at night (latest light additions)

Oakbay Mole overview: Left is the Bay Side Blvd. with the Union Station in the back, in the center is left the icing dock and right some industries followed by the
Harbor Yard with the pier, in the foreground is the old wharf, West Oakbay is at the far back right side



Harbor Loop with Cab Forward                                                                                              Interchange Car from Mr. Dave at A&P

We are working on the Harbor Pier

Harbor Pier                                                                                                        Switching Harbor Yard

Foy's Boathouse and Fisk Fish Co. at the Old Wharf

Leo Androcles Importing (articles from Greece) at the Old Wharf                              Also at the Old Wharf: Seafood owned by Ming Fu the 'Lobstel'

Harbor Yard and Eagle Snacks, producer of fine fish salats (Märklin Resin Model)      The Pier

Bay Side Blvd. with the Blues Brothers at Crestline Theater

McGahern's Travel & Freidman's Pawn at Bay Side Blvd.

Bay Side Blvd. at Night                                                                                 Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (former Armstrong Textiles)