OWL Division

Ost-Westfalen-Lippe, Löhne, Germany

OWL-Crew: Sina Zapf, Thorsten Stamm, Marcus Ellinghaus, Peter Scheele, Heiko Sielemann, Jörg Hausmann


Very nice!!!
Steve McDowell (3. February 2021)

Absolutely beautiful ❤️
Peter Wilhelm Kuesel (11. January 2021)

Excellent looking theme park you have created. Like your lighting that adds to your scenes!
Clyde Queen Jr (11. January 2021) (about the Jurassic Park module)

Awesome scenery, and it's so good to see decent length trains in Z scale.
Eliot Meadows (10. January 2021)

it’s very impressive
Pete Brettle (9. January 2021)

Lynn Dilliplane-Montes (9. January 2021)

Andrew Houseal (5. January 2021)

Super Cool !   I might make a J. Park module too. I received a present of 80 dinosaurs of a variety of types from my grandson last summer that might be correct size for Zscale. It was my 80th birthday

Mr. Dave
(Houston, Texas, USA, about Marcus' new Jurassic Park Module)

After visiting the Altenbeken 2012 Show on saturday, Heine Pedersen and myself drove to Löhne to join the crew on todays Operation Session on US Z Lines OWL Division. That was a great experience and we meet and made some new friends.
Operation in Z-scale are not very common, so this was a completely new and fun experience.
The layout was great, with a lot of details and very high quality. Great inspiration!!

Svein-Martin Holt
(came from Skandinavia
to visit us)

Die Messlatte für uns ist nach diesem Besuch höher gelegt.

Bernd Hennighaus
(Spur 0 Bahner)

Great Brass Work!
(about the buildings at Bay Side Blvd. in Oakbay Mole)
Mr. Dave
(famous Z scaler from Houston, Texas, USA)

Very impressive! I have not seen such detail in a Z scale layout. Excellent!
Terry Firth
Fast Tracks Hobbyworks Inc.