After visiting the Altenbeken 2012 Show on saturday, Heine Pedersen and myself drove to Löhne to join the crew on todays Operation Session on US Z Lines OWL Division. That was a great experience and we meet and made some new friends.
Operation in Z-scale are not very common, so this was a completely new and fun experience.
The layout was great, with a lot of details and very high quality. Great inspiration!!

Svein-Martin Holt
(came from Skandinavia
to visit us)

Die Messlatte für uns ist nach diesem Besuch höher gelegt.

Bernd Hennighaus
(Spur 0 Bahner)

Great Brass Work!
(about the buildings at Bay Side Blvd. in Oakbay Mole)
Mr. Dave
(famous Z scaler from Houston, Texas, USA)

Very impressive! I have not seen such detail in a Z scale layout. Excellent!
Terry Firth
Fast Tracks Hobbyworks Inc.